Understanding Your Car and Its Value

Understanding Your Car and Its Value

I am often asked “Is it worth spending money on this car?” To figure this out, we embark on a journey of assessment with our customers to fully understand the vehicle.

To get a clear picture of a car’s value, we first need to perform a visual inspection of the vehicle. We also review the service history to understand the status of the car. We look for items that might require repair in the near future. We also look at the body and paint condition and check all functions of the vehicle. For example, do all the windows operate? Are the air conditioning and heating unit functioning properly? Is there any wear and tear on the interior and what would be the cost of correcting the problem?

We use our diagnostic tools and our vehicle databases to look for information on like vehicles and service issues. Some model years are just better than others. We also belong to an international automotive group where we can look for information or pose specific questions.

Before we provide our assessments and recommendations, we need you, our customer, to let us know what is most important to you. What are your plans for your vehicle? Is it worth repairing, or should you sell or trade the car? Is this a vehicle that might be appropriate as a hand-me-down for a new driver in your family?

We provide an estimate of all required or suggested repairs and maintenance. This includes the must-dos, like safety or performance issues, and a list of suggested repairs that could be done in increments as budgeted over time.

Speaking of new drivers, I am always available to speak to them about the safety issues with their cars and driving. This is for their safety and security of others in the community.  I help them to understand that maintenance responsibility is not just bringing the car to me, but also calling me with questions anytime and learning how to advocate and communicate when they need help. It is about taking care of their car.

I often recommend that new drivers not have a shiny, perfect, fast automobile. Having raised four children and working with many young adults in the community, we know that a new driver may get a few dents and bruises on their automobile while learning how to operate their vehicle and gain experience. We look for safe, well-built automobiles. While it may not always be popular with our teenagers, the most important thing is for them to come home safely.

We do not charge for our inspection and assessment services as we feel strongly that you should have all the information you need to make a good decision. We recommend that you ask any seller of a vehicle to have the vehicle inspected at our shop. This creates a safe environment for you in terms of meeting with a stranger and an excellent environment for us to inspect the vehicle.