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30th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that 2019 marks our 30th year in business in Lafayette. Since we first opened our doors, our focus has been on providing outstanding customer service, as a community-based, ethically-driven shop, servicing Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and MINI. We’re proud to live and work in the Lafayette community and can’t wait to help you with your automotive needs.

We appreciate you, our loyal customers, for your support throughout the years. As a thank you for helping make us who we are, we are offering an Anniversary Special.

Now through June 30th, 2019, get 15% off any service or repair–just mention “Anniversary Special” when you schedule!

Auto Car Workshop Recap

California Star proudly took place in an auto care workshop for the Acalanes Chapter of the Junior Class of National Charity League. As part of the workshop, Bill Gunnett hosted a Q&A with a group of enthusiastic young women, looking to learn more about car care. Below are just a few of the tips that were discussed:

  1. Be familiar with the manual for your car.
  2. Sign up for AAA, you never know when you’ll need it.
  3. Pay attention to all dashboard lights. They will tell you if your care needs service.
    – If you see a red light on your dash, do not drive the car—call your mechanic.
    – If you see an amber light on your dash, call your mechanic for an appointment.
  4. Rotate your tires every 3000 miles or every 3 months (even more if you turn frequently).
  5. With jumper cables, always attach to the car with the dead battery first, starting with the red clips, then the black. Then start the car.
  6. Don’t let your car get below a quarter tank of gas. In older vehicles, condensation will put water in the tanks. In newer vehicles, the fuel pump could overheat.
  7. Replace your battery every 6 or 7 years.
  8. Don’t keep phone charger on when car is not running.
  9. The type of gas you use matters—use premium (91) so you don’t wear out spark plugs.
  10. Shell gas station products only work on other Shell products. Fill up at Chevron or other no name gas stations.
  11. Avoid squeaky brakes by not keeping your foot on the brake, unless necessary.
  12. Apply brakes firmer, later. It is better on your brakes than softly braking sooner.