Our Services

We take pride in everything we do.

From routine maintenance and tune ups to diagnostics and troubleshooting, we work hard to get your car repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also offer a number of services to our customers that you may not find in other shops, including:

Extended warranty service
Insurance coordinating & assisting when a vehicle is damaged
Collaboration with other shops
Diagnostic services & mentoring other mechanics
Pick up and delivery for our Senior Car Customers
Evaluations and recommendations on potential car purchases

Why Choose California Star


Whether it’s providing education, information, or understanding our customer’s budget and values, our accurate and thorough discussions ensure transparency into the work being done so there are no surprises. We continue the dialogue if any issues arise and we are also in good standing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, following their best practices. We never sell services, but rather discuss the “should do” work versus the “need to do” work, to ensure we meet your needs and budget and to make you feel part of the family every step of the way.


We use Autologic to connect with your vehicle’s computer systems to retrieve essential diagnostic information. When combined with our team’s expertise, it quickly and easily eliminates the upfront guesswork. We also use Alldata, a repair and service database that provides additional real-time information, to help us better service your car. We pride ourselves in staying on top of current automotive technology and diagnostic equipment to provide an efficient and economical experience for customers.

Estimates & Advice

We’ve created a community with our customers as well as other shops and repair facilities to offer thorough and accurate estimates, as well as advice or referrals to appropriate care if we are unable to assist. We will also work with your insurance company as needed when accidents occur. If you happen to be considering a new vehicle, we provide inspections and no-charge advice on value, status, condition, and needed repairs on vehicles.

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