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Bill Gunnett

Mercedes & Classic Cars Specialist

William “Bill” Gunnett began his career in 1971 as a mechanic’s apprentice working at his family’s business, in San Francisco, CA. The business included a repair facility, Texaco gas station, and towing service. Bill was quickly known for his diagnostic expertise and car valuation skills, having worked closely with local dealerships.

In addition to managing his family business, he was offered a position to work with a factory-trained master mechanic for an independent Mercedes Benz business in Walnut Creek. Not long after that, he was elevated to shop foreman, overseeing three technicians and interacting with the customers as a service writer, while still servicing and repairing Mercedes vehicles. Bill managed that shop for a number of years and assisted in moving the business (and his family) to Lafayette.

In 1988, after 17 years in the business, Bill decided that he wanted to set higher standards of customer service and transparency. So, he and his wife Sandi opened California Star in Lafayette, living, working, and raising his family in the community. This meant he had time to participate with his kids in the local schools, sports, and non-profits, and also meant he could honestly and confidently service his clients well.

At California Star, quality-driven customer service and transparency are at the top of everything that is done. And Bill has made it a point to hire like-minded employees with a sense of community, customer service, and impeccable ethics. He has also developed excellent relationships with other businesses in the area that work with the same principles he values.

These relationships have allowed Bill and California Star to partner with and collaborate with other shops to solve problems and share knowledge so that the customer is always satisfied with the work.

Bill and Sandi have four kids and eight grandkids, and love family and community. Over the last 30 years, they have watched their clients’ families grow and many of his customer’s kids are now clients themselves. When not at work, Bill can be found participating in Boy Scouts or coaching, as he is passionate about passing on knowledge to young people and helping them develop into strong young adults. He is always ready to offer his time to community groups to help educate people on anything having to do with cars or life in general.